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Winners, Losers at Deadline? Remains to be Seen

The National Hockey League’s trade deadline has come and gone and it was a good day for the Boston Bruins, Columbus Blue Jackets and Minnesota Wild.

Meanwhile, the Phoenix Coyotes used Trade Deadline Day to dump some contracts and the Winnipeg Jets added a Florida Panthers castoff.

Just sittin' around making up the rumours.

Just sittin’ around making up the rumours.

Of course, it was a long, slow day for Canada’s three sports networks. The highly-paid on-air talent spent most of the day making up scenarios that never came to fruition.

From the moment TSN’s 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Trade Centre Show went off the air, there had been 16 trades (there were 18 trades by the end of the day) and only one semi-blockbuster. That was the deal that sent Marian Gaborik from the New York Rangers to the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for forwards Derek Dorsett, Derick Brassard, defenseman John Moore and a sixth-round draft pick.

In other semi-major deals:

1. Ottawa sent 6-foot-7 goaltender Ben Bishop to the Tampa Bay Lightning for 23-year-old centre Cory Conacher who has nine goals and 15 assists and with 24 points immediately becomes the Sens leading scorer.

2. Near the end of the day, after the TV cameras were turned off, the Washington Capitals acquired Martin Erat and Michael Latta from Nashville in exchange for 18-year-old centre Filip Forsberg, the Caps first overall pick in 2012.

3. The Phoenix Coyotes dumped three veterans: Steve Sullivan was sent to New Jersey in exchange for a seventh-round draft pick; forward Matthew Lombardi was dealt to Anaheim in exchange for young Brandon McMillan; and forward Raffi Torres was sent to San Jose in exchange for a third round pick in 2013.

Wade Redden to Boston in one of the day's bigger trades.

Wade Redden to Boston in one of the day’s bigger trades.

4. The Boston Bruins acquired veteran defenseman Wade Redden from the St. Louis Blues in exchange for a conditional seventh round draft pick in 2014.

5. The Toronto Maple Leafs acquired defenseman Ryan O’Byrne from Colorado in exchange for a fourth round draft in 2014.

6. The Minnesota Wild acquired centre and captain Jason Pominville along with a fourth-round draft pick in 2014 from the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for goalie Matt Hackett, forward Johan Larsson, a first-round pick in 2013 and a second-round pick in 2014. That’s the type of deal that can make a team like the Wild a Cup contender.

7. The Pittsburgh Penguins acquired forward Jussi Jokinen from Carolina in exchange for a seventh-round pick in 2013.

8. The Edmonton Oilers acquired forward Jerred Smithson from Nashville in exchange for a fourth round draft pick in 2013.

So who won and who lost on Deadline Day?

George McPhee telling the SportsNet folks how thrilled he was to get Martin Erat.

George McPhee telling the SportsNet folks how thrilled he was to get Martin Erat. “Whew, something happened.”

There was only one real loser: The three Canadian TV Sports networks. Sure, they’ll tell you they had great numbers for the long, dull morning and afternoon, but I wouldn’t believe a word of it. I don’t believe there are that many stupid Canadians.

We all checked Twitter and we all looked at the website of our choice, but if you actually took the day off work or school and sat and watched that exercise in wishing, hoping and fabricating, you have to get out more often.

These poor guys went hours checking blank texts, vacant Twitter feeds and empty voice mails. It was sad. Frankly, I still think they should do a two-hour trade show every evening for the week leading up to the deadline. That’s a show that could be intriguing, considering the number of interesting deals leading up to the final day, but they aren’t going to listen to me.

In the meantime, despite what many media types think they know, the fact of the matter is this: No one really has any idea who the winners and losers in the traded deadline sweepstakes will be until the 16 playoff-bound teams are declared.

For instance, the international hockey pundits were absolutely swooning over the Columbus Blue Jackets’ good fortune. After all, the Jackets got their hands on goal-scoring sensation Marian Gaborik, 31, (he had nine goals in 35 games when he was traded on Wednesday) in exchange for forwards Derek Dorsett, 26, Derick Brassard, 25, defenseman John Moore, 22, and a sixth-round draft pick.

Marian Gaborik, now with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Marian Gaborik, now with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Sure, Gaborik could help the 16-14-7 Jackets (he did have a goal and an assist in his first game on Thursday), but in his first game with the Rangers, Brassard had a goal and three assists and Moore had a goal as New York blasted Pittsburgh 6-1. The pundits didn’t see that coming, and sure, they might not do it again, but facts are facts. Moore and Brassard have been immediate hits in New York and Gaborik may or may not be a star in Columbus.

Meanwhile, the Minnesota Wild made a deal to get Buffalo Sabres captain Jason Pominville. Pominville had 10 goals and 15 assists in 37 games when he was acquired and he’s the type of player with grit and determination that can make the Wild, a team that is already pretty good, a legitimate contender, especially in the West.

Jason Pominville now with the Minnesota Wild

Jason Pominville (29) now with the Minnesota Wild

Pominville certainly makes the Wild a better team, but will he be the difference? That might be too much to ask. There were some pundits, however, who believed the Pominville was the answer to Minnesota’s prayers.

The point is, Pominville could make the Wild better, Gaborik could make the Jackets better and Jaromir Jagr could make Boston better. But there are no guarantees. And there are no reasons at all to believe that any team won the Deadline Day Sweepstakes or any other team lost. At least not yet.

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