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Teemu Says Good-Bye to Winnipeg

Teemu Selanne, soon-to-be fulltime golfer, says farewell to the Winnipeg fans in the place where it all started.

WINNIPEG – It was quite appropriate for Teemu Selanne to make a video about golf.

For those off the grid, Selanne starred in his “Return to the NHL” video playing the part of a frustrated golfer who has decided playing in the NHL is probably a better career path.

When Selanne played hockey in Winnipeg, way back in the early 1990s, he was a part-time rally-car driver in the off-season. Thus, “The Finnish Flash.” Golf was not anywhere on his radar.

However, since becoming a member of the Anaheim Ducks back in 1996, he has fallen in love with the game. Thus, the excellent golf swing that he demonstrated in the video.

“I would never have thought about playing golf when I was here in the early 90s,” Teemu said on Sunday night at the MTS Centre. “But I picked up the game in California and now I can’t get enough of it. I’m so excited about playing golf that when I know a day off is coming and I know I’m going to the golf course, I can’t sleep. I love the game. I just get so excited about playing.”

*                           *                           *

Two seasons ago, Winnipeg Jets fans treated Teemu Selanne like royalty. When the Anaheim Ducks visited Winnipeg in early 2012, there was more than one standing ovation and every one of them went on too long and were way too loud. You’d have thought the greatest Jet since Dale Hawerchuk had moved to Buffalo was returning returned to wear the team uniform.

Teemu Selanne in his final night in Winnipeg -- unless, of course, he meets the Jets in the playoffs (Photo by Shawn Coates)

Teemu Selanne in his final night in Winnipeg — unless, of course, he meets the Jets in the playoffs (Photo by Shawn Coates)

It wasn’t true, of course. After all, Selanne played only four seasons in Winnipeg. The Jets were the team that drafted him out of Helsinki, No. 10 overall in 1988. The Jets were the team that helped him score a record 76 goals in his rookie season. The Jets gave him his start. But the man we once called “The Finnish Flash,” has played 14 of his 21 NHL seasons in Anaheim. He’s a Duck and while he loves Winnipeg, he will go to the Hockey Hall of Fame as a Duck.

However, that doesn’t mean his final night in the ‘Peg won’t be memorable.

“These fans are just so good to me,” said Selanne, after his Ducks beat the Winnipeg Jets 3-2 on Sunday night. “I was lucky to start my career and I’m thankful it happened the way it did. I still come back to Winnipeg as a person, not a hockey player, and will continue to come back. I just have so many friends here. But this is my last year and unless something happens and we get to play Winnipeg in the playoffs, this was my last NHL game here.”

Sunday night, Selanne played 17 minutes and 23 seconds of hockey and had four shots on goal. He didn’t participate in any of the game’s scoring, but he was named the first star and the crowd loved every last second of that. They cheered wildly as Selanne went to his heart to show his appreciation.

Earlier, on Sunday morning, Selanne was asked if it ever crossed his mind to end his career back in the town that loves him unconditionally. He said it always sounded like a good idea, but never had a chance of coming true.

“With the situation in my life with my family and everything back in Anaheim, it was never going to happen,” he said. “In the back of my mind it would be an unbelievable story, but it was not possible.”

Still, he’s loved in Winnipeg, a place where he scored 147 goals and dished out 159 assists in just 231 games. On Sunday morning, he was alone at the hotel in downtown Winnipeg signing autographs for young fans who weren’t born when he played for the Jets.

“I always say that’s the easiest part of a hockey players or any athlete’s job is to sign a few autographs,” Teemu said. “I’ve always had a special relationship with the fans. It’s just easy.”

He said his greatest moment as a Jet was the night he broke Mike Bossy’s rookie goal scoring record in what has become an iconic NHL video.

“When I broke Mike Bossy’s record it was just unbelievable,” he said. “That was the night I will always remember. You know, that moment when I threw the glove in the air and shot it down? Now, when I see it, I kind of get embarrassed, but I was young and excited at the time. It was so much fun playing in Winnipeg in front of these great fans.”

Sunday night, Selanne was humbled once again by those “great Winnipeg fans.” But surprisingly, it wasn’t the same as that night back in 2012 when it seemed as if that would be the last time he ever played in Winnipeg.

“That reception was unbelievable because I think we all thought it would be my last time in Winnipeg,” he said. “That was so special that I almost hoped that I didn’t have to come back here anymore. It was such a perfect night. Obviously we lost that game, but it is something that I will always remember. This place is so nice, and the fans are so  unbelievable so I am very happy that I got a chance to come back here one more time.”

Teemu Says Good-Bye (Photo by Shawn Coates)

Teemu Says Good-Bye to a standing ovation. (Photo by Shawn Coates)

Selanne did admit, however, that when the 2013-14 NHL schedule was released he did circle his final game in Winnipeg. He’s a big softie for everyone who cheers wildly for the Jets.

“You don’t get this kind of chance very often and at that time I marked that game in my calendar right away and couldn’t wait to get here and do pretty much the same thing again,” he said, laughing. “It is a very special place for me.”

So does he have any regrets, at age 42, that he announced his retirement before the season began.

“I just felt that the time is now,” he admitted. “There was a big relief right when I said that it would be my final season. Everybody knows, my family, my friends, teammates so you can enjoy every day.

“And I do. I enjoy every single day, every single moment. When I was the first star tonight and went out onto the ice, I didn’t want to leave. I just wanted to enjoy the moment. There is nothing that will happen this year that I will forget. What happened tonight just might end up being the highlight.”

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