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BH Captain Gives As Much Back to Hockey as She Takes

The way Kati Tabin tells it, it’s just something “you do,” at Balmoral Hall School. For a five-year-old boy in Selkirk, it was a much bigger deal than that.

Tabin, the captain of the Balmoral Hall School’s prep hockey team, just made the Junior Women’s Hockey League all-star team and will play in this week’s JWHL All-Star game with teammates Tess Bracken (Grade 11/D) and Ryleigh Houston (Grade 10/F) in Washington, D.C.. But make no mistake, there is more to being a hockey star at BH than just playing hockey.

Kati Tabin, Balmoral Hall Blazers

Kati Tabin, Balmoral Hall Blazers (Photo by Jeff Miller).

“It was my Grade 10 project, something everyone has to do,” Tabin explained. “It could have been anything. I could have learned to sing. Some people have built full houses out of Lego. Whatever, I decided I wanted to help people less fortunate.”

All Grade 10 students at Balmoral Hall are expected to complete a “personal project and the girls work on these projects throughout the school year. In the fall of 2012, Kati chose community and service as her focus, and decided that her personal project would be to sponsor a young hockey player. She would raise the money necessary to outfit and pay the fees for a youngster who wanted to play hockey but whose family simply couldn’t afford it.

“I said I wanted to pay for a kid to play hockey between the ages of 4-10. I wanted to help someone play the game that I love,” she said. “Some people donated money, some people donated equipment and at the end we got a young guy his equipment and raised $1,000 for his fees.”

Kati at BH practice (Photo by Jeff Miller)

Kati at BH practice (Photo by Jeff Miller)

Kati worked with Dennis and Mel Park, of Selkirk, through Hockey Winnipeg and the Selkirk Minor Hockey Association. They connected her with a five-year-old boy named Saman who lives and now plays in the Selkirk area.

“We were able to get him suited up and last year we paid his fees,” said the Blazers captain, matter-of-factly. “And we have enough money to pay for all his fees next year, as well. He’s absolutely adorable and giving him the chance to play the game is just an awesome feeling.”

(Read more about Kati Tabin in the March print edition of Manitoba Hockey News)

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