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By Scott Taylor

From all of us here at The Manitoba Hockey News, we want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a wonderful Holiday Season. And now, it’s off to 2014.

2013 was a year of magnificent growth. It was also a year in which everyone here at Manitoba Hockey News — Ron East, John Makie and Rebecca Horan, Scott Billeck, patti dawn swansson, Shawn Coates, James Carey Lauder, Jeff Miller, Suzanne Braun, Dale Hughesman, Gary Michalik, Tanya Wortman, and all our talented writers, designers and photographers — made a commitment to the future and helped create a small, yet growing, Manitoba media firm.

The First Cover of Manitoba Hockey News.

The First Cover of Manitoba Hockey News.

The biggest step forward in 2013 was the creation of Manitoba Hockey News print magazine, a project that turned out to be a rather shocking success. We identified a giant hole in the media landscape, filled it and both hockey fans and corporate sponsors reacted with a level of enthusiasm we did not expect. Our first issue was an incredible success, especially for a start-up, and our second issue will hit the news stands next week. We will also publish in January, February and March. Our little quarterly idea became a monthly in a heartbeat. Our deepest thanks to the work of Dale, Gary and Tanya; our writers, Scott Billeck, patti dawn swansson, T. Kent Morgan, Paul Edmonds, Jon Waldman, John Ploszay and Johnston Hall; and our brilliant photographers, Lloyd Louie, Shawn Coates, Carey Lauder, Jeff Miller and Glenn Dickson.

At this time, we want to thank everyone who helped make the Manitoba Hockey News so successful. You were many and you were wonderful and you all get it. As the traditional media is forced, by finances, to bail on amateur athletes here in Manitoba, we’ve been able to step in and fill the void. However, without the help of everyone involved in this project, our growth would not have been possible. We deeply thank all of you.

To everyone who produces, reads or is the subject of an MHN story, we wish you the very best of the Holiday Season and look forward to having you with us as we embark on what we know will be an exciting 2014 hockey season.

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