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About is Manitoba’s On-Line all-hockey newspaper. This is the only place on the web, or elsewhere, where hockey fans will receive up-to-date coverage of hockey in all its forms here in Manitoba. We exist to make stars of the players and coaches and to pay tribute to those make hockey the passion that it is here in Manitoba.

Published by Game On Manitoba Ltd. on behalf of all hockey fans, coaches and players in Manitoba, it is edited by Scott Taylor. The Vice President and Director of Advertising is Jay Auerbach. Our advertising sales representatives are Ron East, Dave Petrishen and Jesse Taylor.

Any opinions expressed belong solely to the authors and do not necessarily express the views of the magazine, or of the publishers. All published work is edited for accuracy, style, and clarity. We do accept unsolicited material as long as it refers to athletes, events or issues related to hockey, in Manitoba.

We reserve the right to edit comments posted to the site, and to request the identity of those posting comments; we do not publish or share the email addresses of our readers.

For all information and advertising rates, we can be reached at